Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Two new projects in DSDP

Check out a couple of new projects in incubation under DSDP.

Mobile Tools for the Java Platform (MTJ) -

Led by Nokia, the goal of MTJ is to extend existing Eclipse frameworks to support mobile device Java application development.  MTJ will enable developers to develop, debug, and deploy mobile Java applications to emulators and real devices.  Other companies participating are IBM, SonyEricsson, and EclipseME.  See news:eclipse.dsdp.mtj for questions and comments.

Native Application Builder / eWideStudio (NAB) -

Led by Fujitsu, the Native Application Builder is a long-standing open source project ( designed for building and running GUIs on embedded devices in C++.  The focus of this project is to integrate the capabilities of WideStudio with Eclipse.  Several Japanese companies are active in the WideStudio community.  See for questions and comments.

Creation reviews for both of these will be scheduled soon.  We look forward to your comments.