Monday, June 04, 2007

New Project Lead for Device Debugging

I'm excited to announce a project leadership change in the Device Debugging (DD) sub-project of DSDP. As voted by the DSDP PMC, Pawel Piech from Wind River Systems will take over leadership of the project. Why the change? Since the inception of DSDP in June 2005, I've been wearing two hats: PMC lead for DSDP and Project Lead for Device Debugging. I'm very pleased with what DD has accomplished over the past couple of years, but in order for DD to reach a 1.0 release and exit incubation, it needs a dedicated project lead. The growth of DSDP has far exceeded my expectations, and with additional DSDP subproject proposals coming this year, I need additional time to focus on DSDP as the PMC lead.

I nominated Pawel to take over the project because he's been serving as the technical lead on DD for several months now. Pawel is the architect of DD's Debugger Services Framework (DSF), and he's been instrumental in working with Darin Wright from the Eclipse Debug Platform team on the Debug API enhancements released in Eclipse 3.2. Most recently, he led a very successful coding camp at Wind River's Alameda office with the purpose of training new project contributors on DSF and beginning development on the GDB "exemplary tool" implementation of DSF. Finally, I believe that the best project leads in Eclipse are those who balance their time between writing code and doing the project management tasks required by the Eclipse Development Process. Pawel will provide such a balance.

I will close with a list of accomplishments of DD to date. You can read my short talk from EclipseCon 07 for more details.

  • Wrote requirements and use cases for device software development in Eclipse.
  • Enhanced the Eclipse Debug Model Interfaces in Eclipse 3.2 to allow for highly-customized debugger implementations.
  • Enhanced the Eclipse Memory View to provide pluggable renderings and supplied a traditional embedded memory rendering.
  • Designed the Debugger Services Framework based on Wind River's Eclipse debugger implementation.
  • Initiated work with members of the SPIRIT consortium to build tooling for the IP-XACT standard in Eclipse, with an editor as the first contribution.

As I pass the torch to Pawel, I want to say thanks to the many companies who've participated in the DD discussions thus far and especially to the dedicated group of engineers who have contributed to the above tasks. With the GDB exemplary tools implementation, DD will be ready for its 1.0 release and deeper adoption by the device software tools community.


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