Wednesday, February 28, 2007

DSDP Project Talks at EclipseCon 2007

Here’s your handy guide to DSDP Project talks at EclipseCon. Also, be sure to stop by the Wind River booth and meet the Project Leads in person during Tuesday evening’s Exhibitor Reception.

Monday (Short Tutorials)




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Friday, February 23, 2007

Commercial Releases, Blog Aggregators, and EclipseCon

I’ve been very busy the past couple of months planning the upcoming release of our Eclipse-based device software development product, Wind River Workbench. This is an exciting release for my team and I, because we’re picking up three additional Eclipse projects in Wind River Workbench from the Europa train: TM, DD, and CDT. Those of you closely following the CDT and DSDP projects have seen my team contributing to these projects for the past year in preparation for this commercial adoption. This has been an extensive effort on both the open source and commercial sides, and we’re excited to see everything coming together.

Next topic: Many of you read this blog from the Planet Eclipse aggregator. What you may not know is that this blog also appears on the Wind River Blog Network. The reason I mention it is that some of my posts are geared towards the Wind River readers…those folks who may not know the inner workings of this fine Eclipse community. So for my Eclipse readers, if I state the painfully obvious from time to time, at least now you know why. And for my Wind River readers…like any community, Eclipse has its own culture, buzzwords, heroes, and friendly adversaries. Hopefully my sometimes-obscure blog entries will draw you into learning more.

And finally…EclipseCon is almost here! Speaking of the Eclipse culture, this is a near-religious event for many of us. Last time I blogged about it, I asked you for submissions for the embedded/mobile track. The response has been excellent, and we have a full program with lots of great device software content, including coverage of all of the DSDP projects in one talk format or another. Martin Oberhuber, Ken Walker, and Ian Skerrett have put together recommended tracks covering the embedded/mobile space here, here, and here. Hope to see you there.