Thursday, March 06, 2008

Eclipse 4.0: Will it be diverse and transparent?

I started a small war today on the Planning Council mailing list after reading the Eclipse Project PMC announcement of a new component, called E4, as part of the Eclipse Project Incubator. Excerpt:

Component Description:

During the Eclipse Project 3.4 release cycle, one of the important plan items was "Create the Eclipse 4.0 Plan". The intent of this work was to identify the most pressing issues that would impact the ongoing success of Eclipse, and come up with a plan to address them. The result was the design of a new platform "e4", which will be the basis for Eclipse 4.0.

The goal of the e4 component is to provide a public venue for the initial explorations that were done, leading up to the e4 design. We expect to continue to work in this area until we have reached consensus on how the full e4 effort will be structured.

Initial Committers:

17 IBM, 3 Innoopract, 1 Code 9 (Jeff McAffer, formerly from IBM).

My concerns are summarized here and here. In short: if this is supposed to be the incubator for Eclipse 4.0 as this announcement suggests, then 1) there isn't much transparency so far, and 2) there isn't much committer diversity. Seems like business as usual.

Am I wrong?

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