Friday, May 01, 2009

State of Eclipse

I've enjoyed reading Bjorn's State of Eclipse series, and I find myself almost schizophrenic (using the incorrect definition of the word) in my response. So I'd like to comment in three different voices that are my own and one that probably should be.

Project Lead and Committer

+1 for the IT infrastructure and support staff. I'll admit to having a lot of man-love for the webmasters, despite Denis' grumpiness about VCS systems (wink, wink).

+1 for the Dev Process. It's verbose, but it gives me a place to start when mentoring new projects.

0 for the IP process. I get the criticality of this for the adopter community, and how more adopters = more project success. But when I'm just trying to get sh*t done, it's frustrating.

-1 for still not having a way to get GPL pre-reqs into Eclipse packages. This is a killer for the embedded community.

Employee of a Member Company

+1 for the IP process. Wind River does use GPL-licensed toolchains, but man do we love vetted EPL code!

+1 for the Release Train. Having dates on the calendar for getting Eclipse drops…priceless.

0 for the bragging rights of being "built on Eclipse". In the embedded space, Eclipse is used as the base IDE by almost all competitors.

Elected Eclipse Board Member

+1 for Industry Working groups as a way to focus Eclipse strategy in specific verticals.

-1 for Bjorn's departure.

+1 for the Foundation's relentless campaign of Eclipse branding.


+1 for free beer.

-1 for API contracts that live forever in lieu of improving the @#$% performance and footprint.

-1 for complex and confusing downloads.

-1 for relegating us to second class citizens in favor of adopters. F*** it, I'm going to one of the forges.